Saturday, October 30, 2010

A thousand street scenes

Dress Alexander Mcqueen / Belt worn as Harness H&M
Ph. Ann Le

A good friend of mine came round armed with two killer vintage Mcqueen pieces so I could play dress up. It was my first time in anything designer as I haven't yet found the guts to sell my kidney to fund my own pieces (mind the extraordinary pun people). It was a fabulous afternoon rounded off with lunch at our local cafe- cos that's what naturally happens after you frolic around in vintage designer, dontcha know? I'll show you the other piece soon, saving the best till last!
Happy Halloween! On that festive note I'll leave you with this vid...



Hannie said...

Beautiful look, I love simple and your dress are jest amazing ♥
xoxo from Hannie

Little Miss Curious said...

Wow, I love your rings! :) You look good.


♥NaNa♥ said...

Cute outfit!! Simple but cute!!

Love Nana

Milda said...

wow you play dress up very well :)
i've never ever worn anything designer either, but either way you look good

Beverley said...

amazing! dress up is always fun, especially if it's Mcqueen :) love your blog, will definitely be back!

Anonymous said...

you look beautiful, as always Anna! that dress is amazing!!!! anything by Alexander McQueen is cool in my book. and you're quite creative missy. who'd of thought to wear a belt as a fab harness?!

love this love this love this.

I'm SOOO obsessed with the kills! this is the perfect halloween song. have you ever heard their song "wait"? it's my favorite:)

thanks for all of the constant comments girl, they mean a lot to us!

sincerely, M

Eden said...

great blog! just found it and I'm gonna follow, follow back?;))))))

Alina A. said...

that dress is gorgeous! xx

jess said...

beautiful dress! you look great. loving all your outfit posts! x

beneath the glass said...

Hey Anna! New follower here! I just found your blog and I'm in love with it! You have awesome style and you're gorgeous! At certain angles you sort of look like Lucy Liu :)

Hope you'll come visit my blog as well, and perhaps follow if you like it :)

Cheers! Suzy
Beneath the Glass

Kristel Louisa said...

Hey Anna,

LOVE THE WAY YOU PUT ON THE BELT. OH my God, you're so creative. That dress is totally transformed in a second. Stunning! Two thumbs up ;)


Nicoline said...

Hi there. Love your blog so much!!
I hope you will visit or follow my blog:)

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Love your style, that piece of body accessory looks great :)

Just followed :)

Adele said...

i wish i had a friend who brought over vintage designer pieces for me to dress up in (; you look great! ps: happy halloween! xo

Alexandra said...

Love this outfit! The harness is a great accessory, very unique. Beautiful as always love!

Alexandra xo

Sharon said...

You are one beautiful girl...and these pieces look fabulous on you!

Sharon xx

michelle_ said...

simple and stunning anna 11
love the harness

glisters and blisters

Clara said...

I LOVE this belt/harness..such a good idea!

Anna said...


let's swap some bloglovin' :)